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Tendrils Restaurant



Our bussers clean, set up, and prepare tables and utensils efficiently and with extreme care and attention. Magnificent presentation is a must at our fine-dining establishment.

Partial List of Job Responsibilities

  • Clean tables efficiently and swiftly with care and attention

  • Greet guests promptly offering them little plates or beverages

  • Refill beverages of guests promptly

Line Cook

Our line cooks prepare delectable and enticing dishes, leaving guest full of great food and great satisfaction. Patience, diligence, and swiftness is a must to serve and satisfy our esteemed guests.

Partial List of Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare and cook food efficiently and swiftly

  • Able to multi-task and cook multiple dishes at a time

  • Able to remain calm and patient during high stress situations


Our pantry chefs prepare our healthy and fresh salads, cold appetizers, and cheese plates, and all the while, they help prep other delectable dishes. Patience, diligence, and swiftness is a must for both our esteemed guests and our kitchen team.

Partial List of Job Responsibilities

  • Prepare cold dishes efficiently and swiftly

  • Garnish dishes with nuts, fruits and vegetables, spices, or drizzles

  • Prep food ingredients by cutting, peeling, or washing




Our housekeepers clean and replenish our resort facilities with the utmost care and attention, leaving guests with great first impressions. Swift feet, strength, and endurance is a must to create the most fresh and pristine environment that reaches Cave B’s standards.

Partial List of Job Responsibilities

  • Clean resort facilities efficiently and swiftly with care and attention

  • Replenish all resort facilities regularly

  • Communicate with front desk agents clearly and accurately

The Spa at Sagecliffe


Licensed Massage Therapist

Our licensed massage therapists provide a wide variety of massage and body treatments to our esteemed guests. Knowledge and proficiency in different massage modalities and how to appropriately care for a guest’s needs and expectations is a must. 

Partial List of Job Responsibilities

  • Perform services consistent with guest requests and Cave B standards

  • Project a positive and professional attitude at all times

  • Deliver services in a safe, comfortable and professional manner

  • Maintain equipment and follow all WA state health and safety regulations

  • Suggest and promote retail products or additional services


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