The Chef’s Garden

The several-acre organic Chef’s Garden, located directly to the East of the Cave B Inn & Spa Resort’s main Inn, produces a wide variety of vegetables and herbs used regularly in Tendrils Restaurant’s dishes. A beautiful area to view, we welcome you to walk the paths around the gardens to get a glimpse of what you will likely find on your plate that night at Tendrils Restaurant. It doesn’t get much fresher than this!

We continue to grow, develop and enrich the Chef’s Garden, working with the soil, adding and subtracting stock, seeds and plantings as the seasons change, and as interests and needs arise. A garden is an ever-evolving, dynamic expression of place, and our Chef’s Garden embodies what we continue to work toward here at Cave B.

The Cave B School Garden Program

Since 2008, each spring we have welcomed the first grade students from our nearest neighboring town: Quincy’s Mountain View Elementary School. These 350 or so first graders arrive in their long line of bright yellow school buses for our annual “School Garden Day.” With wide smiles and high enthusiasm, these students participate in a morning of vegetable planting in the school’s own plot within the Chef’s Garden with assistance from Cave B staff, visit a series of plant activity stations throughout the property to learn about both wild and farmed plant life, and feel, smell and taste samples from the “Veggie Table” with the Tendrils Chef and staff. The day is capped off with an outdoor lunch in the Piazza. This program is a favorite of Cave B, as we have the opportunity to share the concepts of farm-to-table with these bright minds, and with them discover the amazing diversity of possible foods which can be grown right here in the Columbia Valley.

Ever wonder why we have rose bushes growing at the end of our vineyard rows? Curious how fast an asparagus grows? The Mountain View Elementary first graders know: just ask them!